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Explore Salone is a section of Creative Media Network website that provide your ultimate guide to the fascinating country of Sierra Leone. Discover the rich history, diverse culture, and fascinating tribes that make this place so special. From the legacy of British rule to the colorful fabrics of the Krio people, and the friendly locals, we’ve got everything you need to know. Our comprehensive guide offers insights into Sierra Leone’s past, its unique culture, and the inspiring stories of its people. Whether you’re planning a trip or simply want to learn more, In Salone has got you covered. Come explore with us and discover the wonders of Sierra Leone!


Learn about Sierra Leone's past, including its involvement in the transatlantic slave trade and its legacy as a British colony.


Discover the vibrant and diverse culture of Sierra Leone, including food, music, fashion, and more. This section also includes information on the country's different tribes and their traditions


Meet some of the most fascinating individuals in Sierra Leone, including artists, activists, and entrepreneurs. Gain a deeper understanding of what makes Sierra Leoneans so special and learn about the inspiring work they're doing


Plan your trip to Sierra Leone with our travel guide, which includes information on everything from where to stay to what to see and do. This section also includes practical tips for traveling in the country.


Stay up-to-date on the latest news and events in Sierra Leone, including political developments, cultural happenings, and more. This section is updated regularly to keep you informed