Xplore with MJ is a 20-minute pre-recorded online show that takes viewers on a journey to discover the hidden gems of Sierra Leone. The show’s host, MJ, is a travel enthusiast who will explore different locations in Sierra Leone to showcase the country’s tourism, food, dress, and people to the world. The show is powered by Creative Media Network


Each episode of the show will focus on a different theme, such as “The Beaches of Sierra Leone” or “The Festivals of Sierra Leone”. MJ will visit different locations and interact with locals to showcase the unique features of each theme. For example, in the “The Beaches of Sierra Leone” episode, MJ will visit different beaches in Sierra Leone and showcase the various water sports, food, and cultural events that take place there.


In addition to the themed episodes, the show will also have a “Behind the Scenes” segment, where viewers can get an exclusive look at how the show is made. This segment will show how MJ interacts with locals, her experiences while filming, and her travel tips for viewers who want to visit Sierra Leone.


Overall, Xplore with MJ is a fun and informative show that highlights the beauty and diversity of Sierra Leone while also inspiring viewers to travel and explore the world.